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Reviews for Desert Prophets

From Kirkus Reviews: “Ringwood’s debut historical novel follows a family through years of unpredictable marriages, seedy business ventures, and two major wars. Ringwood’s decades-long tale is dense with character detail and subplots. Caroline and Newt, for example, open the novel with similarly grim backstories, as both were suspected of murdering their previous spouses. The narrative teems with gleeful melodramatic turns, including affairs, hidden bundles of cash, and another Cisco joining the story in an unusual way. Many of the characters are flawed, and not all are likable; some are notably hateful or self-centered. Nevertheless, their shared journeys are consistently engaging even when the work spins off on tangents, as when one person who dates a Cisco undergoes a grueling Army tour. Ringwood maintains a tight narrative throughout (… ) It wraps up with a satisfyingly open ending. An absorbing, profound look at tumultuous American lives.” Since 1933,  Kirkus Reviews is a widely recognized mark of quality by publshers, librarians, and booksellers. 

“I LOVED IT. I love all your characters. I loved that it talked about Las Vegas, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Buena Park, Orange County. It started out a bit before my time and then caught up to an era I lived in. You really developed each character and I wonder if you based any of them on real people. You must have done tons and tons of research to create this story and bring it all to life. You have a lot of rich detail.” California Reader

“Definitely a page turner! Love the story line and all the relatable history. The story was brilliantly weaved. I am certain you conducted lots of research. Loved the way you spiked the story with alternative lifestyles, the underworld, celebrities and entertainment, and wealth-building via real estate. You weaved a wonderful web into historical events superbly!” 

Alabama Reader  

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